Working make me annoying everyday. People say it is works. But everybody don’t wish such a life, such a day! I should change my life. 
I think Necessary things for changing life are finding anything wrong. And then we must measure distance between wrong and expecting. 
You need to know a position where you are standing. Only the position is where you can restart from. 
But if you are young enough, you are ok just going straight. 
I’m going to be 35 next month. 

Working frustrates me every day. People call it "work". But no one should want that kind of life, that kind of day-to-day. I have to change my life.
I think what we need to do to change our lives is to find what is wrong. And to measure the distance between what is wrong and what we expect.
You need to know where you stand. You can only start over from that position.
But when you are young, you can just go straight.
I turn 35 next month.